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Hi there.

So it's been a little while since I've updated. To be honest, I stepped away from everything for a little while. Between a health scare that knocked me out for a few months and a bunch of personal life changes, I haven't been very active online. I'm still recording and making things, as always, I just haven't been doing my progress reports. So this will be a fairly large update. Sorry for the dump.

I'll start with Radical Face. On the recording front, I am getting close to wrapping up the next volume in The Bastards. As always, it'll be a free ep, and this one will be 5 songs instead of 3. Or that's where I'm at now, at least. Sometimes things get moved around more than I expect. That will be available late summer or early fall. I'm also laying all the groundwork for the last record in "The Family Tree" set, which will come out next year. I'm really excited to finally have the whole project laid down. Kinda crazy to think I started working on this since 2008. It'll be a 7 year project once I'm done. I genuinely had no idea what I was getting into. Hahaha.

I recently did another music video, this time for "The Mute". I put it up in a couple other places, but forgot to add it here. Info on the shoot can be found in the description on YouTube, but similar to the previous ones, friends and family swooped in to help me. After a handful of rewrites and having to recast everything a few times, the pieces finally fell into place. Here's the result:

A friend of mine, Hunter O'Shea, also made a video out of one of the live shows from last years' tour. He shot it on 8mm film, and then cut it to "We All Go the Same" from the last album. I thought it came out really cool, so I uploaded it to the YouTube channel. Here's that one:

And lastly, I added a handful of shows to the "Shows" section of this here website. These are the only shows I'm doing this year, which I realize is not many, but I got a lot of recording to do. I will try to do some more next year.

Next up, Clone. This is finally (finally!) coming out. In about a month. Still have a little more work to do on the narration videos, and in finishing the site, but we are ready to release it. It will be coming out on my mini-label, Bear Machine, which will be getting a dedicated website soon (more on that in my next post). Since Clone is a story-driven album, we've decided to release it a section at a time, one each week. Kinda like the old "Tune in next week to find out what happens to our hero!" radio serials. There are six acts total. We will be taking preorders for the thumbdrives and physical over the course of this unveiling, for those of you who would like to actually own the album. But it will all be available online for free, and we hope if folks like it, they'll share it. We're doing this whole release ourselves, so we'd appreciate any help we can get on spreading the word.

But yeah, it is all happening soon. I'll do another update once it's ready to launch. And I will be giving a heads up on the release of each act through the upcoming Bear Machine website, as well as my mailing list. So if you'd like to stay up on that, the sign up is over in the top right of the screen.

Next on the list is Electric President. We are in the midst of making a new album. It's going well, and we're having a lot of fun with it so far. But we're gonna release this one differently than we have in the past.

Due to our schedules (both work and personal), and just getting older and fatter, Alex and I can't work consistently anymore. So the plan is this: instead of waiting years to get the material together for this new record, we've decided to release it as we go. When we finish the songs, we will make them available, one at a time. Sometimes we will make videos. Sometimes we won't. Naturally, all of this will be online and digital. But we will eventually make physical copies as well. Because we work in such a scattered way now, it's more fun to just do one song and not worry about its context, so the album is being built like a mix-tape instead of a front-to-back concept driven album.

The idea is that we will eventually take 10 to 12 songs we've already made available online and press them on vinyl, perhaps making small runs of 7 inches along the way. We'll be taking feedback for what people would like to have pressed, and they'll be compiled into "Mix 1" and "Mix 2" as we go. I think we might also press 7 inches for all the ones no one cares about. That series could be called "The Shit No One Wants." Hahaha.

But this will all happen as a dedicated website, and will also be released through Bear Machine. I expect everything to begin for this in the Fall, as we already have 6 songs pretty far along. So if this is of any interest to you, check back!

I have more to say about upcoming things, most notably what I'll be doing with Bear Machine in the near future, but that will be next post. I think this is enough for now.

Oh, but one more note: I am implementing a new, bot-free forum that anyone can sign up for soon. It's taken me ages to get this in place, but that's mostly because I was being a bum. I'll fix that very soon.

I hope everyone as well.

So here we are. A new year. 2014. Holy crap.

I have been slow to update, I know. Mostly because I wasn't quite sure what order I was going to be doing things this year. But also because I needed some time to catch my breath and sort my personal life. I can be bad about taking care of myself, like going to the doctor or fixing things around the house. I mostly have all that sorted now. A number of appointments coming up, but nothing like the surgery I had last year.

So this is going to be a heavy recording year for me. I won't be doing a lot of shows. Instead I will be working on two albums: the last Family Tree record, and Alex and I have started another Electric President. We're getting together one night a week to work on it, and the goal is to make dance music. However we choose to interpret that. We have 4 songs going so far, and it's already been a lot of fun. Really different from anything I've done the past couple years.

Beyond recording, I am also looking to put out both Clone and the next Bastards EP in spring. Clone is ready to go, as far as manufacturing and mastering are concerned. We just have to build the rest of the content for the website, which we're getting together shortly. Then Rick and I will handle all the shipping and stuff from out of our houses. It'll be a pretty homegrown project, but they usually are. And I know what songs will be on the next EP, I just have to track them. I'm beginning the first one tonight. Finally worked out the arrangement for it.

I am also making some music video for the last Radical Face album. The next one I'm shooting is "The Mute", which should be under way this week, and after that I think it may be "The Crooked Kind." I like making videos, though, so this should be fun.

In short, lots of content. I am looking forward to it. Laying all the new ideas down is always my favorite period of all this. I am really excited to get back to just making new stuff all the time.

I will also be shooting more little live videos, and some new tutorials for the youtube channel. If there are any particular songs you'd like me to teach, send me a note. I do them based on what gets the most requests.

Something I posted recently for fun as well was a Lana Del Rey cover we came up while touring in Europe last. I decided to track a proper version once I got home, with Josh Lee writing and playing the strings:

I would like to do a free EP of pop lady covers this year too, if time permits.

But yeah. More soon as all this gets underway. And since I won't be floating around so much, I'm gonna be better about updating. Or so I tell myself. There's also the giant distraction of DoTA2 to worry about. Hahaha.

Anywho, I hope everyone is well.