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So here we are. A new year. 2014. Holy crap.

I have been slow to update, I know. Mostly because I wasn't quite sure what order I was going to be doing things this year. But also because I needed some time to catch my breath and sort my personal life. I can be bad about taking care of myself, like going to the doctor or fixing things around the house. I mostly have all that sorted now. A number of appointments coming up, but nothing like the surgery I had last year.

So this is going to be a heavy recording year for me. I won't be doing a lot of shows. Instead I will be working on two albums: the last Family Tree record, and Alex and I have started another Electric President. We're getting together one night a week to work on it, and the goal is to make dance music. However we choose to interpret that. We have 4 songs going so far, and it's already been a lot of fun. Really different from anything I've done the past couple years.

Beyond recording, I am also looking to put out both Clone and the next Bastards EP in spring. Clone is ready to go, as far as manufacturing and mastering are concerned. We just have to build the rest of the content for the website, which we're getting together shortly. Then Rick and I will handle all the shipping and stuff from out of our houses. It'll be a pretty homegrown project, but they usually are. And I know what songs will be on the next EP, I just have to track them. I'm beginning the first one tonight. Finally worked out the arrangement for it.

I am also making some music video for the last Radical Face album. The next one I'm shooting is "The Mute", which should be under way this week, and after that I think it may be "The Crooked Kind." I like making videos, though, so this should be fun.

In short, lots of content. I am looking forward to it. Laying all the new ideas down is always my favorite period of all this. I am really excited to get back to just making new stuff all the time.

I will also be shooting more little live videos, and some new tutorials for the youtube channel. If there are any particular songs you'd like me to teach, send me a note. I do them based on what gets the most requests.

Something I posted recently for fun as well was a Lana Del Rey cover we came up while touring in Europe last. I decided to track a proper version once I got home, with Josh Lee writing and playing the strings:

I would like to do a free EP of pop lady covers this year too, if time permits.

But yeah. More soon as all this gets underway. And since I won't be floating around so much, I'm gonna be better about updating. Or so I tell myself. There's also the giant distraction of DoTA2 to worry about. Hahaha.

Anywho, I hope everyone is well.